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  • Mick Scrimshaw

Bowhill Parking

I’m extremely disappointed that following over two thirds of residents in Bowhill voting in favour of a resident’s parking scheme, Councillors at Kettering Borough Council are not planning to even discuss this until at least December.

This issue has been on-going for years and having been first approached by several residents, I personally contact all residents on the road to see if they wanted me to press KBC to formally survey them with the option of bringing in enforcement. A clear majority did, and after considerable effort I was able to get agreement from the Borough Council to do so and they have just announced that they had a massive response with 90% of households taking part in the ballot and a clear majority voting in favour of a scheme. But rather than immediately setting up a scheme, I have now been informed that Councillors will not even discuss the matter until at least December when they will be considering the future of residential parking in Kettering in general.

This is hugely disappointing, not least because I had to find out third-hand from a local resident. I foolishly thought that once the council had agreed to take a vote that they would have carried out the wishes of residents whatever they were. I find it inconceivable that such a large result in favour of a scheme could be ignored, and see no reason therefore why the scheme should not be introduced immediately for it to run alongside the many schemes in Kettering that already run successfully.

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