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The Kettering Co-operative Party

The Co-operative Party was formed in 1917 and is the political arm of the Co-operative movement. We believe that the only way to create a fair and just society is through power being spread evenly throughout society, and not arbitrarily based on wealth, class, gender or race.

We work to promote co-operatives and all forms of mutual organisations, supporting the efforts of those who seek success through co-operative efforts.

Currently the party has 26 Members of Parliament, standing jointly with the Labour Party, with members in the Scottish Parliament, the House of Lords, the Welsh assembly, and hundreds of local councillors across the country.

The local Branch of the Co-operative Party is a campaigning party and has taken part in campaigns against the “legal loan sharks” and, along with our Labour Party colleagues, promoting housing co-operatives as a way to providing good quality and affordable social housing through the co-operative model.

For more details on your local Kettering Co-op Party, contact Peter Weston at

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