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The Great Big Green Week

From 10 to 18 June 2023

The Great Big Green Week is a nationwide celebration of action on climate change, taking place across the UK from 10th to 18th June 2023.

Labour has been putting together a pretty impressive pro-climate portfolio.

The latest pledge is to ban all new domestic oil and gas developments and to cut off borrowing for fossil fuel-related projects. Labour has committed to set up a new state-owned energy company and a £60 billion programme to insulate 19 million homes.

What is North Northants Council doing to tackle climate change? The authority committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2030. Here is a link to the Council’s carbon management plan:

However, the Council refuses to dedicate enough funding. This month’s budget forecast shows (under 5.45, page 377) an underspend on the Climate budget of £482,000. Also, despite flooding becoming a growing problem in North Northants, not enough is being done to tackle future flooding.

Thursday 15 June is Clean Air Day. Each year, NNC publishes an Air Quality Report

(, and so far problems with pollution have been locally contained. In North Northamptonshire, sources of air pollution include recent developments, industry and transportation. There has been notable growth and regeneration in the Corby area in recent years, including the demolition of coal fire power station and former steelworks and the several residential developments. The area surrounding Wellingborough has also experienced high levels of residential development in recent years. The eastern part of the district is predominantly rural. In this area, as well as across the entire district, Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is the key pollutant of concern in the borough, which is primarily produced by road traffic. However, with increasing large developments and warehouses, we need to look out for any problems with air pollution. After all, reports are published with a year delay and often don’t get the attention they

deserve. Labour pledges to remain vigilant about any problems that arise with air pollution in the North Northants area. Labour supports the Kettering Walking & Cycling Plan.

The best way to reduce carbon emissions is to encourage active travel. We need secure cycle routes to keep adults and children safe when they walk and cycle to school.

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