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It’s time for a change. It’s time for Kettering residents to have a voice. Vote Labour on 2nd February and send a message to Tory-run North Northants Council. 

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I've lived in this town for three decades, raising a family, running a business in the town centre, volunteering at the hospital and with other local charities. For the past 15 years I have also served as first a Kettering Borough Councillor and then a Town Councillor since May 2021.

I love this town and I care about what happens to it. And it's time for change.
It's time for Kettering people to have a louder voice, we need to fight for better services and better funding. We need to hold the Tory run North Northamptonshire Council to account and we need to campaign so that our Town's development is based on our priorities not those from the other side of the County.

Don't be fooled by other parties claims - this is a straight fight between Labour and the Tories. If you lend me your vote I can promise you I will fight every day for you, your family and our community.

- Keli

Register To Vote by January 17th

Register to vote here by January 17th

Apply for a Postal Vote here by 5pm on January 18th

You can find out more about the by-election here.

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