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Image credit: Northants Telegraph

A public meeting to discuss how to save KLV (Kettering Conference Centre) has been organised by Labour Councillor Keli Watts. She wants everyone who uses the facilities - gym, sports hall, courts, theatre - to come along.  

Kettering Arts Centre at St Andrew’s  Church Thursday18 May 2023, 

The announced closure of the Kettering Conference Centre has left us all reeling. Kettering Leisure Village was delivered by a Labour administration, which also backed the centre’s operations with £1m to support running costs and deliver a range of community and sports services.


The Village has changed over the years with the transformation into the Conference Centre, but Arena Sports, the Lighthouse Theatre and the Balance Health Club are very popular and much needed by our residents.

The catastrophic collapse of these services and amenities is a direct result of the failure of the Government to support leisure services’ energy bills across the country. NNC is a creature of this government - not least because it was created when the Tory-run Northants County Council collapsed. But what foresight did NNC show? We would be interested to have a detailed narrative of what lead members and MPs did to support this facility before rather than after the operations were terminated.

Cllr Anne Lee, Cllr Keli Watts, Cllr Maggie Don, Cllr Clark Mitchell, Cllr Bev Wright

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We are Kettering Constituency Labour Party, the local Labour Party organisation for the UK Parliamentary Constituency of Kettering which includes the Borough of Kettering and its surrounding towns and villages. This includes Kettering Town, Desborough, Rothwell, Burton Latimer, Barton Seagrave, Broughton, Geddington, Wilbarston, Rushton, Braybrooke as well as the other villages within the Constituency.

We're commonly known as Kettering Labour, and we work hard to get our candidates elected to public office, and are enthusiastic to serve the local communities in which we live. We're committed to #MakingLivesBetter for local residents and building a fairer society.


Kettering Constituency Labour Party has one focus: #MakingLivesBetter for the people of the towns & villages of the Constituency of Kettering, including Kettering Town, Desborough, Rothwell, Burton Latimer, Barton Seagrave, Broughton, Geddington, Wilbarston, Rushton and Braybrooke.


We have a thriving local membership, and encourage people to join us to build that brighter future and fairer society. We have a good representation of Young Labour members, and welcome people from all backgrounds and communities within the Constituency. We hold regular bi-monthly All Members Meetings.


We have local Labour councillors currently sitting on Desborough Town Council, Kettering Town Council, Burton Latimer Town Council and North Northamptonshire Unitary Council.


We are also part of a wider community action group of concerned local organisations and passionate individuals fighting to protect Weekley Hall Wood, the last remaining part of Rockingham Forest close to Kettering that is under threat of being lost to developers' plans to build warehouses on it.

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