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By John Padwick on March 26, 2021

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The Northall area of Kettering covers William Knibb, Northfield and St Peters, and your local Northall Labour Team is working to #MakeLivesBetter and are passionate believers in a better future for residents like you. They are Clare Pavitt, Keli Watts, Andy Byatt, Alex Kularatnam, Axel Kularatnam, Bev Wright and John Padwick.

They are committed to working to create a rejuvenated town centre, with investment in public facilities that attract people and businesses into the area.

They want to deliver affordable homes where people can live free from crime and the fear of crime, and are committed to ensuring our town has clean air and an environmentally sustainable future.

They understand that the best way to tackle crime is to tackle the cause of crime and that’s why they are committed to reinvesting in community policing and services for young people.

They want radical measures to protect our environment, air quality and natural spaces, not just token gestures that don’t have the impact needed to protect all of our futures.

If you need to get in touch with your Northall Labour Team, you can fill out our contact form or e-mail and a member of the team will get back to you.

John is the Campaign Co-ordinator for Kettering Labour. He's lived in Geddington for 30 years and is a longstanding parish councillor. He is a teacher, running his own tuition & consultancy business and is an active campaigner on LGBT issues. He is also a keen actor in the village and more widely and champions rural touring arts, regularly promoting live performances in Geddington Village Hall.

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