Wicksteed Park faces need to sell land

By Adam Balmer on March 3, 2021

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At Kettering Labour we’re upset at the news that Wicksteed Park is having serious financial difficulties and faces the prospect of having to sell some of its land for development

Kettering Labour does not want to see this happen and happily supports Wicksteed Park’s fundraising drive.

Wicksteed Park is an incredibly important part of Kettering. It’s also an incredibly important part of the UK’s heritage as it’s the oldest theme park on the country’s mainland. Its attractions have provided us with a place to spend our weekends and holidays for over a century:

  • It draws large numbers of visitors from outside Kettering every year.
  • Provides jobs to many local people.
  • It boosts our local economy.
  • Helps health and wellbeing of residents by allowing them to exercise.
  • Allows nature to flourish.
  • Helps Kettering become greener.

The park's green space is used every day, keeping residents healthy by allowing them to exercise, get much needed fresh air and interact with nature. It has a wide variety of trees, plants and habitats for animals, including a nature reserve opposite the park.

The park really does play a critical role in helping Kettering become greener. It’s crucial in helping to clean the air, to any strategy to decarbonise Kettering and to increase biodiversity. 420 trees were planted in the park as part of a project organised by Kettering Eco Group.

Losing parts of the park due to an unforeseen circumstance like the coronavirus pandemic would be a national tragedy and a blow to Kettering. This is a growing town and losing some of the largest green spaces to development would mean more crowding on children's play areas and shrinking green space.

Kettering Labour Party support the fundraising campaign to keep Wicksteed Park going until it’s safe to receive visitors. Obviously a longer term solution is required to prevent similar issues occurring in future, but in the meantime the generosity of the public is once again needed.

For those fortunate enough to be able to donate without enduring hardship, please consider giving to Wicksteed Park by clicking here.

Adam is a full time dad and is part of your Labour Local Team for All Saints. He’s a Labour and Unite member and is keenly interested in green issues including saving Wicksteed Park.

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