By philsawford on March 25, 2017

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Q             How do Conservative candidates win elections in Desborough?

A             Postal Votes

Q             How many people in Desborough have a Postal Vote?

A             In Desborough there are roughly 900 postal voters in the St Giles Ward and 900 in the Loatland Ward.

Q             How does this make a difference?

A             It is estimated that around 80% of Postal voters actually vote.

Q             How does this affect the result?

A             It makes it possible for a Party, group or individual to be 200, 300 or 400 votes in front before the Polling Stations open on Polling Day.

Q             How does the Conservative Party get so many Postal Votes?

A             Direct mail using a business reply service (FREEPOST), knocking doors, talking to Conservative supporters.

Q             Can I get a Postal Vote?

A             Yes, since the year 2000 anyone can apply for a Postal Vote. You can apply to vote by post for all future elections.

Q             How can I apply?

  1.  You can get an application form on line at –
  2. You can contact Kettering Borough Council on 01536 410333 and ask for ‘Electoral Services’ to get an application form or simply (click here and print the form)   KBC PV (3)
  3. Contact Kettering Constituency Labour Party – Tel: 01536 540161
  4. E-mail Desborough Labour Party and we can drop an application form to you –

 Remember there is a cut off date for applications before each election.


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