Despite having been told time and time again about the deteriorating condition of the Royal Hotel, Kettering Borough Council (KBC) have now had to step in and make repairs because the condition has got so bad it is considered dangerous.

The situation is now so bad that they have had to go to the extreme step of completely closing West Street to traffic! This has meant that some residents can no longer access their properties by car and is causing massive inconvenience.

This is after the Council have been apparently conducting weekly checks on the building which I would have hoped would have allowed them to see the worsening condition and plan for any repairs long before this emergency operation would have been needed.

I understand discussions are taking place with English Heritage about what work on the listed building can or can’t take place and I have spoken with senior officers at KBC to impress upon them the need to get this work done urgently so the road can be reopened again.

The current owners of the hotel have agreed to foot the bill for any work required.