This morning I attended a breakfast meeting at Kettering Police Station. I met new Chief Inspector Gary Ashton, who has a keen interest in mental health issues, and Inspector Adam Ward.

It was a great opportunity to mention the problems with speeding and inconsiderate parking in Pipers Hill Road, which was the overriding issue that came to the fore from my latest street surgery on the previous day. To my delight, Inspector Adam Ward told me that I can get trained to use a speed gun, which is really exciting.

In the afternoon I visited Kettering magistrates’ court on a fact-finding mission in relation to the proposed closure. I chat to the staff and make notes. The court building contains so many facilities in addition to the actual Court Room, from interview rooms to witness rooms, an advocate room, video facilities and a new seating area.

I am already familiar with this environment from my interpreting work, but I am more convinced than ever that this court building should not be closed.