Update on Decriminalisation of Parking

For years there has been a stand-off between the County Council and Kettering Borough Council (KBC) about who should take the powers from the Police and their one solitary traffic warden, and provide parking enforcement in the Borough of Kettering in the future. This proposal should mean much better enforcement and hopefully it being directed at the local hot spots where it is best needed.

Some time ago the two councils at last managed to come to an agreement, and the plan is that in the future KBC will employ their own wardens to deal with double yellow line violations etc rather than the Police having those powers.

The next stage in this process is to get Parliamentary approval as it will need a change in the law (this has already happened for every other area in Northamptonshire). We have been waiting for this for some time and the latest news is there are no plans to push this forward as the Department of Transport are not putting anything in front of Parliament that is not Brexit related. Our local MP is working to have this position changed (which is kind of ironic as he is such a big supporter of Brexit) and I wish him good luck in his endeavours. But until this hurdle is jumped I’m afraid there will be no further progress to bringing this proposal any further forward.

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