When residents reported fly tipping behind their house in an alleyway we had hoped that Kettering Borough Council would step in but they refused.

We understand the argument for using public money on what is effectively private property, but they intended to send all the residents a bill for hundreds of pounds which seemed very unfair as the victims were being made to pay, so Cllr. Watts and myself suggested community action.

Along with some of the neighbours we simply got stuck in and did it ourselves. Luckily parliamentary candidate Rhea Keehn was at the Labour Party office just as we were leaving and had time before her next meeting, so also offered to walk down the street to help.

There is a bigger debate to be had within the council about their policies, and while I understand the notion of not using public money to clear up what is technically private property, it seems to me there should be some instances where for the public good this needs to happen and I look forward to being able to work on some proposals to update the current rules which clearly are not good enough.