Replace sold Council houses

Part of a Borough Councillor’s job is to speak with local residents, listen to their concerns and to try and help them with some of their issues.

Recently, I have received a number of enquiries from families who are struggling to find affordable housing that suits their needs. One case, which stands out in my mind, was a mother and her two children who were having to share a one bedroom property.

I wish that, as a borough councillor, I had the power too easily solve the housing issues of local residents in need. But the problem is there just aren’t enough council owned properties available, and with the policy to sell off existing council house stock still in place, I don’t see that getting better any time soon.

However, what I can do, is keep pushing for the Borough council too, at least, replace council houses as they are sold.  The question is, will the Conservative run Borough Council listen? 

That is yet to be seen.

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