Privacy Policy

Who We Are

We are Kettering Constituency Labour Party, the local Labour Party organisation for the UK Parliamentary Constituency of Kettering which includes the Borough of Kettering and its surrounding towns and villages.

We are commonly known as Kettering Labour, and we work hard to get our Candidates elected to public office, and are enthusiastic to serve the local communities in which we live in order to make our society fairer for the many, not the few.

Within our Party we have a number of different “groups” – this includes our Membership, it includes our Executive Committee, Campaigning Group, Working Parties that may be set up to focus on specific issues, our Diversity Group and Unions Group, and Councillor Groups at County and Borough Council levels of local government.

Our parent organisation is The Labour Party.

We understand how important your privacy is and recognise that we are being trusted with protecting any information that is shared with us, so the purpose of this privacy notice is to give you clear information about how we collect and use your personal data.

We think it’s important that you read this privacy notice in full. This is so that you understand what data we collect about you, how it is collected, how we use and look after that data, what privacy rights you have and how the law protects you.

We Comply with The Labour Party’s Privacy and Data Policies

Our policy is the same as our parent organisation’s, and it can be read by clicking here.

The policy aims to give you information on how The Labour Party as a whole collects and processes your data including any data you may provide when you use our websites, join the Party, contact us over the phone, by email or in writing, sign up to any of our mailing lists or have a conversation with us on the doorstep.

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