I forced the issue of the two libraries faced with possible closure in the Borough of Kettering to be debated on a special agenda item of the Council’s Research & Development Scrutiny Committee. They heard representatives from both Desborough and Rothwell library groups who both expressed their concerns about how they could operate their local libraries in the face of a seemingly unhelpful County Council.

After a long discussion, the Committee agreed to ask the Council’s Executive Committee to call an emergency meeting to consider the option of buying the buildings to ensure the buildings remain in public hands for the future by using the rent the groups would pay to fund this.

As the Councillor who pushed for this item to be put discussed, I am over the moon that this was agreed. The future of these two libraries is so important to our two local towns that anything Kettering Borough Council can do to support them is welcome.

This now will become a decision for Kettering Council’s leadership and they will perhaps take their own view after considering the details of this option, but last night was a small victory for the people of Rothwell and Desborough and is a vindication of all the hard work local volunteers have put in to save the libraries over the last few months to create a business case to ensure their survival.