Politics FAQ

Below there are some common questions, and their answers, around voting. Please click on a question to expand it and see its answer. You can also find out more about politics on our “Learn About Politics” page which includes links to free resources and course on the subject.

What is an MP?

An MP, or Member of Parliament, is the person elected by local people to represent them in Parliament. Parliament is the UK’s legislature, or in other words, a group of people that makes laws.

Parliament consists of the House of Commons, where MPs sit, and the House of Lords.

What is a constituency?

A constituency is a group of voters in a particular area. The Kettering constituency is an area represented by an MP (Member of Parliament). That area is made up of ‘Wards’ which are smaller areas within the Kettering area. These ‘ward’ constituencies are represented by local councillors.

What is a councillor?

A councillor is someone who represents a particular area. The councillors then join the council and make decisions about things such as street light, parking, local schools and where houses can be built.

What is a political party?

Political parties are groups of people who share similar thoughts about how to run the country. The Labour Party is made of people who believe that Britain is better when we work together. For example, Labour created the NHS as it believed that everyone should be able to see a doctor or get healthcare without having to pay up front each time you’re sick.