Plans to Kick People Off Council Housing Waiting List Scrapped

At a recent meeting of Kettering Borough Council’s ruling Executive Committee, they considered a report to amend the Keyways Housing Allocation Scheme.

The item was brought forward in response to the rapidly rising numbers of homeless households, and the very limited number of council houses available.

It was suggested to totally remove people from the list with no realistic prospect of re-housing because of the shortage (currently people are banded A, B or C depending on their need). This would have removed 55 households from the waiting list and while these households currently have very little hope of being re-housed in these difficult times, while on the list they at least did have some hope.

We felt that was completely wrong, and seemed to be an exercise designed to simply reduce the number of people on the waiting list by manipulating the figures and would go completely against the aim of ‘creating & maintaining sustainable communities’ in social housing estates and I was given permission to share my views to the committee.

Thankfully following debate it was agreed that this bit of the changes would be withdrawn, and those residents in Band C would remain on the register. �*.lidy<��hU

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