On 6th May you will be asked to choose who represents you on the new North Northamptonshire Council

Information about your Labour candidates for the seats in the Borough of Kettering is below.

Your Northall candidates:

Andy is 39, married, with 3 primary aged children. He is a postman working at Kettering Delivery Office, where he is also a Trade Union Officer for the Communication Workers Union. 

This will be Andy’s first time standing as a councillor. He wants to use the skills and experiences he has to represent the people of Northall in the new North Northamptonshire Unitary Authority. 

He says, “We have to move on from the Conservative council's failures, and we won't do that if we elect them again, so vote for Labour and let’s make lives better in Northall and North Northamptonshire.”
Clare Pavitt, a former Local Government Officer, has had an amazing 20-year career in the public sector. Her career has progressed from the press office to policy and strategy work specialising in equality and diversity and more recently in business intelligence.

Clare’s strong local government background enables her to understand that social and economic infrastructures have to support each other to ensure the whole community will benefit. Community spirit is one of Clare’s fundamental values. She has been an active member of many community groups, but her real passion is to improve the future for our young people.
Keli has represented William Knibb ward on Kettering Borough Council since 2007. In that time she has sat on numerous committees and has had the honour of serving as Mayor twice. Representing her residents is Keli’s motivation to continue as a councillor. 

She was a business owner in Kettering for decades, and part of the Chamber of Trade and the Town Centre Partnership. Retired now, she keeps a keen eye on business in our town centre and feels concerned about these people and this part of our Borough. In her spare time Keli likes keeping fit. She is very into her arts and crafts, and likes spending time with her grandchildren.

Your Windmill candidates:

Anne has already been an active councillor for Pipers Hill Ward for 5 years. She was a school governor at St Edwards Primary School for 8 years and has been a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator for over 30 years. She has 3 grown-up children and lives in the ward, working as a freelance linguist. She is an impassioned supporter of community hubs, such as the Green Patch and the Grange Resource Centre. With a Master’s in political sciences, and a keen interest in improving the new authority’s communications with residents and businesses, she promises to be an active councillor with a strong voice, and is particularly interested in reducing carbon emissions and in supporting families with children.
Clark works in warehousing in Telford Way in Kettering and is the current Borough Councillor for the Avondale Grange ward. He is a trade union member his entire working life and was staff representative in a previous role. 

He has held regular surgeries to engage with residents and represent their views at KBC and will continue to do this should he be elected to the new North Northamptonshire Council. Having lived in the ward he represents, he understands the issues we face and have faced particularly over the past year during the pandemic.
Cindy is a single, working mother with two grown up children. She has lived locally for most of my life. She has worked with young people from Kettering borough for the last 20 years, setting up Youth Works which is run from the William Knibb Centre and Keystone. 

She volunteers at Johnny’s Happy Place, a weekend hub and a wellbeing cafe for those suffering with their mental health. If elected, Cindy will push for local residents to have quality, locally based services that they have a stake in. She is keen to fight for people on the Grange and Avondale to have a local community in which they are proud and feel a part.

Your Wicksteed candidates:

Geoff was born, brought up and schooled in the Wicksteed ward in Kettering and therefore it formed a great part of his early life. He lives in the Wicksteed ward today and is therefore in the front line to develop and maintain solutions to the issues that concern us all as residents. He is particularly interested in maintaining a balance between keeping the historic buildings and park areas in the ward for future generations to enjoy, and at the same time develop safe and direct road and public transportation so all residents can have easy access to major road rail and bus links. He therefore asks for your vote in order to fulfil these objectives.
Adam Balmer, 31 years old with a PhD in Philosophy, has lived in North Northamptonshire his whole life and currently lives in Kettering with his family of four. He believes seeing Northamptonshire County Council go bankrupt after years of mismanagement has made it clear that new blood is needed. 

He has experience working across a range of sectors, from factory and warehouse work to lecturing at a Russell Group university. He wants to use these skills to provide innovative solutions toward a local economic recovery that revives places including Kettering town centre and reducing net carbon emissions to zero.
Having lived and worked in the area as a social care worker for many years, Kat is seeking to represent the people of Wicksteed. She is passionate about social mobility, health care, environment as well as being part of a strong local community. 

She will provide a representative voice within the council through working together constructively and where necessary, holding power to account so that we never find ourselves in a situation again where our local council is abolished through Tory incompetence and bankruptcy.

Your Ise candidates:

The Ise Lodge is where Jane lived for twenty five years and brought up her family. She still lives in the Ise Division. She believes Kettering town could be a better, livelier and cleaner place to live: one that we can be proud of. 

She believes that we need our own town swimming pool to educate our children for safety; that we need a town centre that can thrive and grow, to attract businesses, and for people to want to shop there. She is interested in helping the community with their issues and problems, and is concerned about the green issues that affect everyone’s lives.
Tim has lived in Northamptonshire for over 35 years and in the Kettering area for more than 20 years. He is married with two grown up sons. He served as a community governor at Boothville Middle School in Northampton and more recently as a parent governor at Broughton Primary School. 

Tim worked voluntarily on the committee of Boothville Community Council in Northampton. In Kettering he worked as a tutor for the WEA and for KCU (Kettering Centre for the Unemployed and Unwaged) where he also carried out voluntary work.
John has lived in Geddington for 30 years. A local parish councillor and a past Kettering borough councillor, he believes in working in partnership to solve problems. He worked with villagers to get the Corby Link Road built to relieve traffic issues, and also to improve flood defences and to oppose a major planning application successfully. John understands how important good public transport is to link our communities with the town centre, and has worked with others to save a local rural bus service. 

John is a teacher, running his own tuition and consultancy service, and is part of the Save Weekley Hall Wood community action group, seeing the Climate Emergency as an issue for all of us.

Your other candidates:

You can find out about your Desborough Labour candidates on their website

Other areas

We also have the candidates in the following areas of Kettering Borough:

  • Burton and Broughton: Mark Sales
  • Clover Hill: Bryan Masse and Martyn Reuby
  • Rothwell and Mawsley: Robert Newby and Isobel Stevenson

Electoral Imprint:

The Labour Party Candidates for the North Northamptonshire Council are promoted by: Agent, Ian Cameron, Suite 23 Corby Business Centre, Eismann Way, Corby, Northants, NN17 5ZB.
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