No debate on 20mph zones

At the meeting of the County Council the other day I seconded a motion in support of looking at introducing 20mph zones near parks and playgrounds, but was blocked by the Conservatives.

I remember the TV advert a few years ago that stated if you got hit by a car doing 30mph you would probably die, while at 20mph you would probably survive. Powerful stuff and even though I don’t know if reducing speed limits would be practical or useful, I argued we should at least have a proper discussion about it which is what the motion proposed by getting the relevant committee to look into it.

Apparently our roads are already safe enough, because the motion was defeated by the Conservatives, so we won’t even have the discussion I’m afraid.

I think that was a wrong decision and the council should show its commitment to road safety at every opportunity and by looking sensibly at this option we would have at least shown we were concerned, whatever the eventual decision.

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