Some months ago I went to visit Teamwork in Kettering who work with adults with special needs.

I was bowled over by the work they do and their name really sums up their ethos. They genuinely work as a team, with the management, the admin staff and the members on the factory floor who do a variety of different jobs, all working together.

It shows that people who work together are able to get much more done than working individual, and in this case when they work as it team it really does work.

When I first went to see them I had originally intended to talk about the work they do in conjunction with the new Kettering District Food bank but when I got there I found a brand new kitchen stacked in boxes in the corner of the factory doing nothing as they didn’t have the money to install it I realised how I could help.

This then became my project, and I am proud and pleased I was able to direct some County Council funding to having the new kitchen installed along with some much needed building improvements to the Kitchen area. I was invited back today to formally open the kitchen along with the mayor of Kettering and had a thoroughly good time meeting and talking with all of the people there.

They really do fantastic work with their members, and it was a privilege to once again spend time with them.