Yet more warnings about NCC’s financial dealings… this time from an unexpected source

At March’s full-council meeting the independent (non-councillor) chairman of the audit committee took the opportunity to warn councillors about how they were leaving their finances open to fraud.

He explained that the council intended to massively reduce the amount of time and effort they spent on internal financial controls as part of their cost-cutting drive, but warned this could leave the organisation much more open to fraud, or at best would simply mean that the council’s external auditors would end up having to do a lot more work which could cost the council a small fortune.

He explained that the substantial reduction in the time planned to be given for internal auditing would increase the risk of fraud going undetected, and while he wasn’t specifically speaking about the council’s Next Generation plans of outsourcing it’s services to different independent organisations, he did say that the risks of fraud were also higher by doing this.

He ended his speech by saying how worried he was and with a plea for the council to stop and think before going ahead with their plans.

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