Something needs to be done about fly tipping in William Knibb ward! The Council now have some fancy software which maps where the problem areas are and this has told them that fly tipping is increasing and that William Knibb is the worst area in the whole of the Borough. I didn’t need a computer analysis to tell me that! But at least it is now recognised.

Cllr. Keli watts and myself as the local councillors for the area have made suggestions for improvements in private meetings with officers, in public council meetings, as well as putting forward financial solutions in our Alternative Budget earlier this year.

However, the problem persists and everybody now has the proof it’s getting worse, so while I welcome the efforts already being put in by the team dealing with this, and they are doing a great job within the restraints they have to work with, more action is still needed to end this blight on our neighbourhood.

I spotted these two examples this morning on two different roads of Mill Road. Both now reported.