Slowly but surely I am becoming a bit of an expert on parking issues as again and again I receive complaints about one aspect or another.

At the bottom of Westhill Drive for example they suffer from commuters parking on their road to save parking charges or who have been pushed away from other areas with resident’s only schemes.

Providing they park sensibly and legally this may be inconvenient but there isn’t much anyone can do to stop it. But far too often they seem to park inconsiderately and either block driveways or at least make it difficult for residents to get in and out of their own drives safely.

After speaking to residents and lobbying the County Council on their behalf, I have at least been able to get white lines painted across their driveways.

It isn’t perfect and may not entirely solve the problem but I’m hopeful it will help and despite there normally being a charge for this work, because of the severity of the problem, I was on this occasion able to have that waived.