Mick Scrimshaw on Animal Welfare

I have had dozens of emails from residents asking about my views on various animal welfare issues so have prepared this response which I hope will go some way to show I have sympathy to the various views and questions people are raising.

I’m certainly more than happy to give an assurance that animal welfare issues have always been important to me and that I am also concerned about the effect that Brexit might have on our current legislation that some have referred to. Clearly there are a lot of rules and regulations we currently have that are tied to EU legislation that could potentially be weakened.

If elected as MP for Kettering I would obviously need to consider these issues on a case-by-case basis, but I doubt there would be much I would disagree on with the people who have contacted me.

Furthermore if I were to be elected I would not only hold regular weekly surgeries, but also open a Constituency office in Kettering and would welcome discussing these issue in more details with residents at that time and would hope that I would be able to personally use my position in Parliament to champion some of the causes people have been mentioning to me, in particular the strengthening of laws around cruelty to animals.

I am also a long-term supporter of the fox hunting ban and will certainly fight any legislation put forward to see the ban lifted.

Please see below a direct quote from the Labour Party’s manifesto. I am obviously standing on this manifesto and whether or not Labour form the next government, these are issues I would support in any way that I could. I look forward to discussing these issues in more detail with the residents who have contacted me after the election.


Animals in our food chain need welfare standards. Domestic animals require stronger protection from cruelty. Wild animals need a sustainable ecosystem.

Labour’s vision is for the UK to lead the world with high animal welfare standards in the wild, in farming and for domestic animals. Labour will increase the maximum sentence for those convicted of committing animal cruelty.

We will promote cruelty-free animal husbandry and consult on ways to ensure better enforcement of agreed standards.

We will prohibit the third-party sale of puppies, introduce and enforce a total ban on ivory trading, and support the ban on wild animals in circuses.

We will cease the badger cull, which spreads bovine TB.

Labour ended fox hunting, deer hunting and hare coursing. Only a Labour government will maintain the bans.

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