Union Street 10.10.17

Mick Scrimshaw fights for improvement of Union Street

Today I am formally asking Northamptonshire Highways and/or Kettering Borough Council to act on the ongoing issue of the state of the road and pavement on Union Street!

Over ten years ago a developer built some new houses in the area. My understanding is that as part of the planning permission they were given, they had to carry out work to improve the condition of the road at the bottom of Duke Street.

Ever since then there appears to have been an ongoing disagreement with the developer and the two councils about when this work will take place and what it will actually involve. During the whole of this time local residents have been left with an uneven and untidy road surface. Despite attempts to chase this up again and again with the relevant authorities, nothing has been done.

I was contacted recently by a resident who informed me that someone had had a bad fall caused by the uneven surface. This shows that enough is enough and urgent action is needed.

I am told that eighteen months ago the developers had put forward a scheme of works to the County Council. On the back of that the Borough Council’s planning department closed the enforcement case that they were planning against the developer, but still nothing has happened and the County Council have heard nothing since then.

I am today formally writing to the Borough Council’s planning team, the County Council’s Highways Department and NCC’s portfolio holder for highways to plead that they get together to try to bring this matter to a close.

It is simply not right that this relatively simple issue has been allowed to go on for so long. It is as if because the area is a back street of Kettering that is far from the view of most people it has been ignored, but this is not fair on local residents and action is required. And I ask that a speedy way forward is found.

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