Rosie is a campaigning rubber duck who is calling for the pot holes and road defects of Northamptonshire to be repaired!

She will have her photograph taken in pot holes whenever she comes across a problem and make a report to Northamptonshire County Council’s Highways Department before posting her photos on social media to highlight the problem and to attempt to keep the pressure on the council to act, and she will use the hashtag #RosieRoadRepairs to allow you to find her pictures.

You can also follow her travels on this website at

I actually got the idea from a guy in Surrey doing something similar on twitter in response to a fellow cyclist being killed after riding into a pothole and crashing, so even though using Rosie to highlight the ongoing issue about the state of our local roads is in some ways a bit of fun, there is very much a serious side to it.

I hope that by proactively reporting problems to Street Doctor (see link below) and raising public awareness of the issue of our deteriorating roads the County Council may become more proactive in dealing with potholes and road maintained in general.

Ready to follow Rosie's adventures?

Click the button below to go to Rosie’s very own blog – you’ll be able to follow Rosie’s adventures and see the potholes that Rosie and Mick have found and are reporting to Northamptonshire County Council’s Street Doctor…