Little Ambassadors at St. Andrew’s School

Cllr. Ellie Manns (Kettering borough Council) and Cllr. Mick Scrimshaw (Northants County council) between them managed to secure funding for the ‘Little Ambassadors’ project at St. Andrew’s School where a group of youngsters took part in work aimed to improve both their school and local community and involved themselves in consultation about what improvements local youngsters really want in the area.

This led to the school receiving a grant from Sport England for £30,000 and a further £49,000 to be spent on the nearby Grafton Street Park from the recycling scheme WREN.

The funding from the Councillors also helped pay for the involvement a local charity, Film School UK who worked with the children to make a film record about the project.

Cllr. Scrimshaw said, “the motivation to support this project was actually to get he children involved in their community so they would feel some ownership towards their area and hopefully learn that local people could help make a difference to an area. We never in our wildest dreams expected such a good result to come from their work”.

Read more on this story at the Evening Telegraph.

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