Learn About Politics

Many people say that they “don’t do politics” – but the truth is it’s almost impossible for politics to not affect your daily life. From public services, to what you’re legally allowed to do or not do, to what taxes you have to pay or what welfare help and support you can receive, how employers must treat you…. Almost everything you do is affected by politics.

Below are a selection of free courses that you can take if you’d like to find out more about politics and how it works in the UK.

This free online course will introduce you to the work and role of the UK Parliament. From setting the age at which we start school to deciding pension policy, the UK Parliament makes laws that impact our lives, our work and our wider society.

You will begin by looking at what Parliament is, how it is different from government and how it has changed and evolved. You will also explore the range of opportunities open to citizens, which enable you to engage with and influence the UK Parliament.

This free course introduces you to the world of politics. It is dedicated primarily to answering the question of what politics is. As you will begin to realise, definitive answers are difficult to come by. What politics is and equally, who does it, and where it is done are hotly debated and highly contested. This OpenLearn course will introduce you to some of these debates, and their implications for the study and practice of politics