Leader of Northamptonshire County Council desperately asks local Conservative MPs for support in a leaked letter

At least one local Tory MP has spoken out in response to the County Council’s current round of budget cuts saying “he has lost confidence in the council”.

In response the County Council’s Conservative leader has then secretly written to all seven local Tory MP’s asking them to publically keep out of the fight. She also admits that they are pushing through the worst of the cuts now (including the extremely controversial cuts to library services), so as not to affect their election prospects in the Borough Council elections in May 2019.

This comes just after the Local Government Association have published a report extremely critical of the ruling councillors and their handling of County Council finances over a number of years. The report concludes “time is running out for the County Council” which is why some Conservatives are speaking out and quite rightly questioning the leadership of the council.

You can see a copy of the letter below.

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