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By philsawford on March 24, 2017

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Desborough had a proud tradition of electing people who worked hard on behalf of the town to get things done. Over the years Labour Councillors were at the forefront in the fight to get our fair share of resources and the services we need for our community. Labour Councillors campaigned for a new Library, new Fire Station, a Nursery unit at Loatland School, parking provision for the bowling greens, new classrooms at Havelock Junior School and many other facilities for the town.

The Town Council was Labour controlled from 1978 to 2003. During this time Labour Councillors achieved the refurbishment of ‘The Gaultney’ to provide 10 self-contained flats, the installation of a lift in Hazeland House, the Millennium Bridge to link the footpath between Desborough and Rothwell, the £11.5 million bypass which has taken a lot of heavy traffic out of the town, the refurbishment of Montsaye swimming pool, the introduction of CCTV cameras in the town centre and much much more.

In contrast, the last fourteen years of Tory control, has seen little action and the lack of an effective voice for the town. Instead of fighting and campaigning for our fair share of resources from the Borough and County Council they appear to have completely taken leave of their senses and burdened local residents with massive tax increases through the 'Parish Precept'


What did the Conservatives promise the people of Desborough to take control of the Council in 2003 ?

Click on below - you won't believe it!


Coservative leaflet 2003 (P4)


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