Labour councillors call for a hardship fund

By Anne Lee on March 17, 2016

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This week, countless disabled and vulnerable residents will have found out that they are now expected to pay 45% instead of 25% of the Council tax from now on.

Since the benefits have been capped, this is leaving most of them with a genuine financial problem.

Today I received a heart wrenching call from a disabled resident who is unable to work. He wonders how he will be able to afford the increased tax. I had to agree with him that this tax increase is so unfair.

We voted against this increase. We also proposed a hardship fund for people who simply cannot afford this increase.

Just like the Conservative government, the Conservative councillors are only interested in looking after the better-off.

We advise people to pay as much as they can, but to keep in touch with the Council about any arrears to avoid incurring hefty court fines.

The Labour group would have reversed the increase and would have set up a hardship fund to support people who are struggling to pay the increase, as set out in their alternative budget at the last Full Council meeting.

Anne has been an active councillor for 5 years. She represented Pipers Hill on Kettering Borough Council, and now represents Windmill on the new North Northamptonshire Council. She was a school governor at St Edwards Primary School for 8 years and has been a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator for over 30 years. She has 3 grown-up children and lives in the ward, working as a freelance linguist. She is an impassioned supporter of community hubs, such as the Green Patch and the Grange Resource Centre. With a Master’s in political sciences, and a keen interest in improving the new authority’s communications with residents and businesses, she promises to be an active councillor with a strong voice, and is particularly interested in reducing carbon emissions and in supporting families with children.

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