Labour Councillor Maggie Don wins agreement to look into local toilet issues in Kettering

I called for an urgent review of the Community Toilet Scheme for Kettering at Full Council on Wednesday 26th April, as the current provision is not working. Kettering Labour’s own Diversity Group carried out a full audit of the Scheme in the town centre and found issues that needed to be addressed.

It was agreed unanimously right across the whole chamber that we need to review the situation. Kettering Borough Council closed all their public toilets some years ago to be replaced with the Community Toilet Scheme. However, most of the places listed as participants have no signage including Council owned buildings such as the Council Offices and swimming pool!

The Cornmarket Hall have even recently fitted keypads to their toilet doors, meaning that you have to the swimming pool first to get the code, by which time you might just as well use the facilities proved at the pool.

Cllr Adams who seconded the motion also pointed out the total lack of ‘Changing Places’ for disabled adults and carers which should include hoists etc.

This is clearly not good enough, so Council agreed to refer the matter to Research & Development committee, where I will be pushing for a Task & Finish group to be set up, which can call for independent evidence from the general public, minority groups and other users.

The video above shows Kettering Labour’s Diversity Officer Jo Taylor addressing the full council with the finding of the audit of the scheme, followed by Cllr Don proposing the review, then the debate and vote that followed.

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