Labour Councillor Anne Lee fights to have uneven paving addressed in Kettering town centre

By Anne Lee on March 1, 2017

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Uneven paving in the town centre may well be the County Council's responsibility, but it is worth pointing out which areas need attention.

Councillor Anne Lee has asked for the problem of uneven paving to be looked at during the next Kettering Town Forum meeting in June.

"The uneven paving was drawn to my attention by retailers in the town centre," she explains. "They witness people stumbling or twisting their ankles on the paving. I have noticed it myself when parking my bike in the bicycle racks outside the Newland Centre."

Feel free to contact Anne with your views on which parts of the pedestrianised areas need particular attention, she can be reached by e-mail at or by filling out the form below:

Anne has served as a Councillor for Pipers Hill on Kettering Borough Council for a number of years.

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