On 6th May you will be asked to choose who represents you on the new Kettering Town Council

Changing Times – Time For A Change: Kettering Labour will build a cleaner greener town with a vibrant market at its heart, proud of its diversity and celebrating its history. A town where our families can thrive and our young people can grow and build their futures.

Details for your Labour Candidates can be found below.

Your All Saints candidates:

Hello, I’m Andy Byatt, I’m 39, married, with 3 primary aged children. I live locally on Regent St and I’m a postman working at Kettering Delivery Office, where I am also a trade union officer for the Communication Workers Union. This will be my first time standing as a councillor, and I am looking forward to it. 

I want to use the skills and experiences I have to represent the people of All Saints in the new Kettering town council. Our old councils have been abolished because of the Conservatives’ failures: we need a fresh start and we won’t get that if we elect them again, so vote for Labour and let’s make lives better in All Saints and all of Kettering.
A 31-year-old recent father with a PhD in Philosophy, I have lived in Kettering and the surrounding area my whole life and have worked in factories, warehouses and universities. I and my family currently live in the Avondale area, but are in the process of moving to All Saints, so I will be living in the ward. Kettering is not thriving in the way it should be; I want to see more varied jobs available, particularly skilled work with training opportunities. Green spaces and woodland need to be expanded and protected. Public transport needs to be cheaper and to reach more areas. I will use my position in the town council to restore Kettering to being the leading town in our area.
After spending my life growing up in Kettering and bringing up my family here, living in All Saints for many years, it is where my heart lies. 

I believe Kettering town could be a better, livelier and cleaner place to live; one that we can be proud of. We need our own town swimming pool to educate our children for safety. 

We need a town centre that can thrive and grow, for businesses to be attracted to, and for people to want to shop there.

Your Avondale Grange candidates:

I was elected as Borough Councillor for Avondale Grange in 2015, and have worked since then on local issues for residents such as the state of the roads, litter and flytipping, which I have been active in reporting. Since being elected, I have held regular surgeries to make myself available to residents: if elected to the new town council I will continue to hold these to make sure local people have a voice. I have been a lifelong member of the Labour party and a trade union member. I worked as an outreach youth worker until I was made redundant as part of the cuts caused by austerity. Since then I have worked in warehousing and currently work for a company on Telford Way. I look forward to helping to set up the new town council for Kettering.
My name is Cindy Wrighting, I am a single, working mother with two grown up children. I have lived locally for most of my life. I have worked with young people from Kettering borough for the last 20 years, setting up Youth Works which is run from the William Knibb Centre and Keystone. I volunteer for Johnny’s Happy Place, a community well-being café at the weekends, and am a strong believer in working with communities and the council to build services that meet their needs. If elected, I will push for local residents to have quality, locally based services that they have a stake in. I am keen to fight for people on the Grange and Avondale to have a local community they are proud of and feel a part.

Your Ise candidates:

A long-term resident of the Kettering area, Brenda has been involved with the Labour Party for many years, serving as a borough councillor in the early 2000’s.

Before her retirement in 2011, she worked as a civil servant for many years, and as a teacher before that. She has interests outside politics, ranging from patchwork to Pilates, but her collaboration on creating a communal garden in the village of Geddington, takes up much of her time. She has always believed in social fairness and justice, founding principles of the Labour Party. Within the new town council of Kettering, Brenda is confident that she and her colleagues will be able to push for those principles on behalf of the people of Kettering.
I have lived in Northamptonshire for over 35 years and in the Kettering area for more than 20 years. I am married with two grown up sons. 

I served as a community governor at Boothville Middle School in Northampton and more recently as a parent governor at Broughton Primary School. 

I worked voluntarily on the committee of Boothville Community Council in Northampton. In Kettering I worked as a tutor for the WEA and for KCU (Kettering Centre for the Unemployed and Unwaged) where I also carried out voluntary work.

Your Northfield candidates:

Now 61, I have lived in Kettering most of my life and taught for 37 years in Northamptonshire. 

My core values are fairness and honesty. My vision for the town centre is a community hub. Shops are important but the way we live has changed and our centre needs a balance of work, community and living spaces - we need a new normal: a more connected and involved community and a greener, safer environment. If elected, I would seek proper engagement and partnership working with community groups, represent Kettering residents and hold people to account.

Your Pipers Hill candidates:

As I live in Pipers Hill, I would be proud to represent this ward in the new Town Council for Kettering. 

I have been actively engaged in community roles for most of the 35 years I have lived in Kettering. I have served as a school governor, and am currently a Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator and community volunteer. Since 2015, I have represented Pipers Hill Ward as a Kettering Borough Councillor. I am a self- employed linguist and have three grown- up children. I listen, am proactive and am completely dedicated to achieving the best results for local residents.
Brought up and educated in Kettering, I am a graduate secondary school English teacher. Still a young person at 22, I think it is time for young people to take part in helping to shape the future of our town, and for our councils to represent our communities fairly. 

I believe we can overcome any challenge if we communicate properly and effectively - for too long this hasn’t happened here. I want our new town council to respond to local issues and also to the Climate Emergency, and I look forward to working with Anne Lee in Pipers Hill and serving my town on the new council.

Your St Michaels & Wicksteed candidates:

I have lived in the borough for almost 40 years, and raised my family here. I was first elected to Kettering Borough Council in 1994, and was deputy leader of the Labour group, and lead spokesperson for housing and the voluntary sector. 

I am looking forward to serving on the new Kettering Town Council, and keen to make sure it provides a voice for the people of Kettering within the structures of the new Northamptonshire Unitary authority. We need to ensure that the new authority is conscious of its responsibilities of the Climate Emergency, and continues to provide a good standard of council housing, and support for the homeless.
I live in the St Michaels & Wicksteed ward with my wife and my two daughters, and so I am very aware of the local issues.. My family currently work and study locally. 

I have a background in economics, which I hope I will be able to use as a town councillor. I work as a professional HGV driver with Booker. I represent my colleagues within USDAW as a union representative, and I hope to extend this work to standing up for my local community. I want to make Kettering a better place to live in for everyone, to help our town centre to thrive, and I am looking forward to the new Kettering Town Council which has the opportunity to make a difference.
I was born, brought up and schooled in the Wicksteed ward in Kettering and therefore it formed a great part of my early life. I live in the Wicksteed ward today and am therefore in the front line to develop and maintain solutions to the issues that concern us all as residents. 

I am particularly interested in maintaining a balance between keeping the historic buildings and park areas in the ward for future generations to enjoy, and at the same time develop safe and direct road and public transportation so all residents can have easy access to major road rail and bus links. I am looking forward to the opportunity to being part of the new Kettering Town Council to help resolve these issues.

Your St Peters candidates:

I have lived in the area for over 30 years. I am a teacher, running my own tuition & consultancy business, alongside classroom teaching. A  longstanding parish councillor and a Kettering borough councillor for 8 years, I know how important it is to respond actively to local concerns, and have worked on many issues successfully, such as flood defence and opposing major planning applications. I have worked with others to save rural bus services, understanding the importance of good public transport to link communities with the town centre. I understand parking problem in the St Peters area, and as a town councillor would seek to work with the new unitary authority to try to resolve this, particularly around the hospital.
I am an engineering graduate, brought up and attending school in Kettering, and look forward to using my energies in standing up for local people. 

With the Climate Emergency and economic issues becoming so important, especially for our town centre traders and small businesses, placing trust in the right hands is crucial. Parking is a major issue in the area, and a proper solution needs to be found. As a town councillor for Kettering, I want to make sure that everyone in St Peters is represented, particularly that the young people of Kettering have a voice in their future.

Your William Knibb candidates:

I’ve lived in Kettering for 25 years. During that time I’ve run a business in town and been very involved in many local groups and organisations. 

I’ve been a Borough Councillor representing the town centre area since 2007. I’m excited about our new Town Council.

There’s a big job to do and it’s really important to elect councillors with experience to ensure this new organisation accomplishes what we need it to do.
The rare opportunity to form a new council has created the ability to forge a fresh new path for Kettering. 

I will work to provide an effective voice for the young people in Kettering and also build strong community links with all those living in the local area by bringing energy, enthusiasm and vigour to the role of councillor, working as a team and building on Keli Watts’ knowledge as an experienced councillor. In a time where all our lives have changed in many ways, I am sure that together we can work towards living in a greener, safer and more prosperous Kettering.

Electoral Imprint:

Published & promoted by Andrew Byatt @ Kettering Labour Party at 12b Market Street, Kettering NN16 0AH.
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