Kettering Public Spaces Protection Order

By jonathanwest on January 8, 2015

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I am committed to promoting the safety of the area for young and old alike. I work closely with the Police and have encouraged some of their recent initiatives to be more of a visible presence on our streets.

I have worked successfully towards the area around St Andrews Church being recognised as an area where the Police can challenge on-street drinking and if necessary have the powers confiscate alcohol.

I would like these powers to be extended in area to also cover the Rockingham Road Pleasure Park. After talking to residents I would also like to see new powers for the police to return unsupervised juveniles in the area after 11pm to their home address and also to tackle motor cycle nuisance in All Saints. These powers though need to work hand in hand with providing facilities for young people in the town.

Consultations over this proposal is likely to be over the next few weeks.

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