Kettering Labour Party FAQ

Below there are some common questions, and their answers, around voting. Please click on a question to expand it and see its answer.

How do I join the Labour Party?

In a variety of ways. You can sign up via the national website or by filling in a paper form and posting it. Kettering Labour Party has these forms available to you so if you need one just let us know. You can join online here:

If you are a Trade Union member, you can also join through your union at work.

How much does it cost?

The rates vary depending on your circumstances:

  • £1 14-19/Student Available to joiners under 20 or in full-time education.
  • £12 Young Persons Rate annually (£1 per month) who are aged 20-27.
  • £1 Serving or Former Member of the British Armed Forces Rate Introductory first year offer.
  • £15 Local Join Rate A special introductory rate available to members recruited locally (£1.25 per month).
  • £45.50 Standard rate (£3.80 per month).
  • £23.00 Reduced rate Available to joiners who are currently out of work, work fewer than 16 hours per week, who are also members of an affiliated Trade Union or are on a low income (£1.92 per month).
What happens after I join?

We welcome you to the team! As a member you can join in with campaign days, social events and debates and attend your local branch meeting. When you join, you become a member of your local branch of the Labour Party.

The branch consists of all members in a particular geographic area, represented by one or more councillors. In Kettering, a county councillor may cover more than one ward. Each ward (the area you live in or work in) is represented by borough councillors.

We are very friendly, so members of different branches can attend other branches’ meetings. You will be notified of dates and times of meetings. Each branch chooses its own chair, secretary, candidates for councils, treasurer and delegates to constituency meetings.

If you are unsure about whether you want to join, then let us know and you can join us at one of our events.

What will I be expected to do?

As little or as much as you want. There is no pressure to do anything, but it is great if you do! You can join in specific campaigns, for example, across the county, we have been campaigning against cuts in street lighting. And even without an election near by, we are always busy! Whether it is stuffing envelopes, speaking to voters by phone or in person on the doorstep, or delivering leaflets.

Help is always needed, but we do ensure people get all the training they need to carry out the volunteering. Some people like to volunteer their skills in design, writing, planning and coordinating, others like to take part in policy talks or listen to debates.

It’s up to you!

Which areas are covered by Kettering constituency?

The Kettering Parliamentary constituency includes the major town of Kettering, smaller towns of Desborough and Rothwell, the large village of Burton Latimer and other villages.

Geographically, the constituency covers the same area as Kettering Borough Council.

Where is the Labour Office?

The Kettering Labour Party office is at 38 York Road, Kettering. Parking is available on Russell Street or in the municipal car park for a charge. Permit holders are able to park on York Road and the surrounding area.