Kettering Labour Condemns Sacking of Hotel Staff Instead of Furloughing

  • Upmarket four star hotels operated by Hazelton Group have refused to furlough some staff through the government scheme, instead ending their employment.
  • Some were apparently notified by message via a WhatsApp group.[1]
  • 33 staff at Barton Hall in Barton Seagrave have been released. [1]
  • Staff at Rushton Hall Hotel and Spa in Rushton have also been released, but an unknown number. [1]

28th May 2020, Kettering, United Kingdom

Kettering Constituency Labour Party condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the sacking of staff from local hotels operated by the Hazelton Group.

Barton Hall Hotel and Rushton Hall Hotel and Spa employ residents in local areas and provide a range of hospitality services within our communities. They benefit from the patronage of residents and visitors alike.

The government set up the furlough scheme to provide employees and employers a way through this national pandemic and Hazelton Group’s refusal to use the scheme shows a callous disregard for their employees.

Furthermore, Kettering Labour understands that some members of staff were notified of their release by being messaged through a WhatsApp group.[1]

We are troubled that such news was broken in such an insensitive and impersonal way.

It is understood that the government’s furlough scheme will come to an end at some point, and there may be changes to the scheme ahead. However, Hazleton Group could have used the scheme in order to support staff that have supported their business to date.

[1] As reported by Northants Telegraph: https://www.northantstelegraph.co.uk/business/luxury-kettering-hotels-sacked-dozens-staff-whatsapp-after-stonewalling-their-pleas-furlough-2864257

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