Climate emergency motion passed

Kettering declares climate emergency

At the Full Council meeting on July 24th, we got our resolution passed unanimously and a climate emergency has now also been declared in Kettering.

We wanted to show that we are listening to what scientists and, in particular, young people are telling us about climate change to date and in the future.

What was really needed was to make an impact. It was brilliant to have the support of Extinction Rebellion and of the young people of Kettering.  The fact that so many people spoke at the meeting really showed the full Council that ‘eco’ is the only way to preserve our future.  More cycle lanes, more eco-friendly homes, more recycling, better air quality and more trees are needed.

We have now created an alliance of people who will support us in this objective and we don’t want to let them down.  We will push for action to follow up this declaration of intent with deeds.  One of the steps I want to take is requesting more Tree Preservation Orders, but that will only be the beginning.

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