Kettering Borough Council hit the poorest harder than any other council

It’s Official! Kettering Borough Council charge far more Council tax than anywhere in the Country…(that is if you are disabled, poor, or on benefits!)

In this year’s council’s budget despite massive opposition from members of the public, Kettering Borough Council slashed the amount of support available to disabled and vulnerable people to help with their council tax.

At the time the Labour opposition highlighted that the council already charged much more than most other councils and warned that the plans, which led to some people’s council tax almost doubling, would probably make them the highest charging authority across the whole country!

The figures are now in from all 326 councils and what we predicted has come true. The 45% figure charged by Kettering is by far the highest charged by anyone anywhere!

Most councils do charge something, although there are still 66 that charge nothing, but 80% of all councils charge 20% or less. Only two charge more than 30%, one of them 35%, and Kettering way out on its own charging a huge 45%!

Kettering Conservatives are proud of the Prime Minister’s boast that “we’re all in it together” and repeatedly talk about how they have managed to keep council tax rises down. But clearly not if you are in the small group at the bottom of our community who have been hit the hardest, not only locally but across the country as a whole.

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