Jo Watson – Loatland Ward

Joanne is married to Mark and they have three children who have all attended local schools. She has lived in the Loatland Ward for 42 years. Joanne attended Loatlands Primary School before moving on to Montsaye. She is now back at Loatlands working for sixteen years as a Learning Support Assistant (HLTA) and School Governor. She is actively involved with the Parents Association.

Joanne is also a member of the Desborough and District Twinning Association, European Charter Group and Unison. Joanne is a former member of Desborough Town Council and brings considerable experience along with a determination to speak out and fight for our fair share of available resources.

Joanne says – ‘I want people in Desborough to have access to the jobs, homes, leisure and other services that they need to make it a stable and thriving community. We need facilities available to all ages and all pockets.’

Following recent planning applications that will possibly affect all routes into and out of the town, I plan to be proactive in ensuring that they will not disrupt the flow of traffic for Desborough residents, nor will it put at risk the walkers among us. I will be lobbying the planners at KBC to give us a fair and safe transport plan.’


Big team on the Grange Saturday afternoon as we push to get to every door before Polling Day

Ten days to go to Polling Day and in this heat that is no bad thing. My feet hurt, my legs ache and I have something called repetitive knocking syndrome.

Knocking doors can be very interesting and sometimes an education; I have been accused of being a Russian sympathiser, of spending money- willy-nilly by people (other than my husband) and various other less than complimentary allegations but that is the exception rather than the rule. Most people are pleased that someone has bothered to call on them and are happy to discuss the issues of the day, some invite you in for a cup of tea.

Canvassing can be a soul destroying activity with so many people out (everyone is so busy these days and, in truth, it may be difficult to catch anyone in at my house). Many residents want you off their doorstep as quick as possible others are happy to keep you there whilst you explain your inner thoughts, your morals, political philosophy along with your thoughts on dog muck, drains and dandelions.

On the bright side, at least the weather has been kind to us and we have had some fun on the campaign trail. There are many places in the world where it would be quite dangerous to go around asking people which way they intend to vote and very dangerous for anyone to actually tell you. In England we have a great tradition of openness and tolerance in our politics and we should be proud of it.

The down side of this is the internet and social media where things can be quite nasty these days. It is all very instant, sometimes anonymous and open to abuse. It could be a forum for serious political debate but it tends to spiral downwards to point scoring, tit for tat, cheap jibes, wild allegations and trivia.

Some on the internet ask ‘What have you been doing? or where have you been? I wonder if they actually want an answer: I could say –

  • Working at a local school educating the children of the town,
  • Looking after my mother who has dementia.
  • Caring for my children and supporting my youngest daughter at university
  • Raising money as part of Desborough Twinners,
  • Representing Desborough across Europe as part of the charter,
  • Helping at the Carnival.
  • Helping at the fireworks.
  • Marshalling at Gala night.
  • Attending Town Council meetings.
  • Running my family home.
  • Tending the garden.
  • Learning to drive and passing my test.
  • Helping my husband to run our small business.
  • and so on

In fact, many of things that others are doing and these life experiences give a depth of understanding of the issues and problems that impact on other people’s lives.

I could say ‘nothing much really’. This would be easier and quicker but whatever you say just feeds the armchair warriors on social media. I wonder why some of them didn’t put their name on the ballot paper!

I prefer the doorsteps and look forward to meeting as many people as possible between now and Polling Day.

PS. I also get to meet some lovely dogs.




Lovely sunshine on Saturday morning and we were at the Cross talking to local people and listening to their views and concerns,


Don’t lose your voice


On the street Stall in Station Road encouraging people to take part in the democratic process by getting on the electoral register, applying for a Postal Vote or a Proxy Vote.










Loatland Ward Labour candidates Gareth Coe, Andy Coleman, Tim Healy and Jo Watson taking advantage of the better weather to get out and meet local residents in Peaks Meadows

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