Introducing… Helen Wood – Labour’s Candidate for Desborough in the County Council Elections

Helen Wood is the Labour Candidate for the Desborough Division in the County Council Elections to be held on 4th May 2017.

Married with two small children, she has lived in the area for a number of years. Helen has management experience in public services and previously held public office as a City Councillor prior to moving to Desborough.

Helen says:

I care deeply about our public services and I am very concerned about the effects of ongoing reforms which generally means more and more cuts. As a mother, I have an interest in the chances afforded to our children and young people in education and employment. Care of the elderly is also close to my heart having an older family member who lives locally.

As a wife, mother and daughter I have a huge personal investment in the success of our community. I am passionate to play my part in protecting and improving all areas of our lives that our County Council has responsibility for.

It’s time for change – local people will remember when we had Labour Councillors like Tony Allen and David Coe on the County Council speaking up for Desborough and working hard to ensure that we received our fair share of resources. Now we are expected to pay an extra tax if we want anything doing.

I want Desborough to get it’s voice back.

This article was taken from the Spring 2017 edition of Desborough Labour Party’s newsletter “The Rose”.┬áPromoted by Phil Sawford, 46 Federation Avenue, Desborough, Northants NN14 2NX on behalf of Desborough Labour Party c/o 46 Federation Avenue, Desborough, Northants NN14 2NX.

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