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By Kettering Labour on March 5, 2021

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Can you imagine being a non-reader? Whether as a child or an adult. How difficult would it make life? How frustrating would it be?

A UK company called Widgit has developed “symbols" that allow people to communicate by pointing to small images to make sentences. 

The images are like modern hieroglyphics, but with more details than the Egyptian hieroglyphics of the past, and today’s emojis. As well as being useful for non-readers, the symbols could also be used for those that are non-verbal, or those that don’t speak or read English.

Widgit has released some free symbols resources to help teachers, parents, children, those with special needs, critically ill patients and healthcare staff communicate with each other during these Covid times. We’re really impressed by these resources, and they can be accessed at

Kettering Labour’s Helen Wood said, "Not all children understand Covid nor why the world is suddenly different and it can be scary for those who communicate differently. Some children are returning to school for the first time since April. This link contains relevant flashcards and symbols and advice and may be useful for parents teachers and carers”.

Well done Widgit!

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