Free parking for Christmas shoppers in Kettering

Earlier this week at the monthly meeting of Kettering’s Town Forum, I once again complained that the Gateway Matrix signs on the main routes into Kettering were not being used to their potential and often sitting there not doing anything when they could be used to promote special events and occasions such as the free Christmas parking periods in the town centre.

This was the third time I’d raised the issue in as many months and I was delighted to see today that at last somebody seems to have listened to my plea and they are being used to advertise the Christmas free parking.

For those that don’t know, parking in the council owned car parks will be free on the Thursday late night shopping nights after 3pm between now and Christmas, and free all day on the Saturdays leading up to the big day.

For some time now my Labour colleagues have argued for cheaper car parking in Kettering, in particular on Saturdays and earlier this year I was pleased to support our proposal to reduce parking charges on every Saturday to an all-day 50p rate to try and support our retail sector in the town centre. The Conservative administration didn’t agree to that, but at least now they seem to have agreed to my suggestion of promoting the Christmas discounted periods.

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