As part of my social media campaign to highlight road and footpath repairs I visited Ford Street this morning to view the dangerous condition of the pavement #RosieRoadRepairs.

About a year ago I was contacted by the Highways Department and told they had some money in the budget to repair one piece of pavement in my division and asked where would I like it to be? I immediately said Ford Street because this is one of the many back streets in Kettering that seem to be ignored by the Council. Instead, they ignored my recommendation and did a series of small repairs in a nice suburban road where some of the entrances to people’s private driveways needed a little bit of attention.

I have once again this morning reported the condition of Ford Street and flagged it up as dangerous because the defects on the pavement represent a genuine hazard and it would be easy for anyone to trip or fall.

It has been reported to Street Doctor, reference 866436 and the progress can be tracked by clicking here…