Fire safety in Council-owned accommodation blocks

All fire safety precautions in Kettering Borough Council owned flats have been reviewed this week following the awful disaster at Grenfell Tower. The Council doesn’t own any flats more than three stories tall, and the external cladding system in the London fire has NOT been installed on any Council-owned property in this Borough.

The Council have been in touch with the manufacturer Alumasc who have provided written assurances that the materials that they have supplied will not propagate the spread of flames. Any cladding used on our buildings will not propagate the spread of flames.

This is because they comprise rendered or brick faced finishes that are classed as non-combustible, have an inert fire break at each level about the first floor, and are fixed in such a way to ensure that will not suffer disproportionate collapse during a fire.

The Council have also said that the Fire Service is carrying out a risk assessment throughout the County to ensure that they aware of buildings that have used the materials or the construction techniques that have failed Grenfell Tower.

The Council will also work with the Fire Service to identify other risks, and take and improve fire safety where necessary. This includes physical work to eliminate risk, installing separate bin storage facilities, tenant education and Sterile Communal Areas Implementation.

Given what has happened in Grenfell Tower, this is all re-assuring for residents in Kettering.

Photo by seier+seier

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