As your Labour candidate for the forthcoming General Election, I am proud of my achievements to date in helping local people. If elected, I make one simple promise: To stand up and fight for the residents of Kettering and the surrounding towns and villages, and make sure that their voice is heard in Westminster.

I hope my track record of working within the local community for many years shows that these are not just empty words. I firmly believe that dealing with people’s individual problems and issues is the most important role a local MP has.

On this site you can find out more about the things I have been doing over several years to support, fight for and stand up for residents of Kettering, and you can also find out more about what I stand for and believe on individual issues of concern for this General Election.

I will continue to add articles and blog posts throughout the campaign – please feel free to bookmark and revisit this site to read newer posts as they are made.

Mick Scrimshaw

Parliamentary Candidate for Kettering, Kettering Labour


Better for Kettering.

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Contact Mick:

Facebook: Cllr. Mick Scrimshaw
Twitter: @mickscrimshaw
Telephone: 01536 540 161

Mick has a strong track record of working for local people and fighting to protect public services. He would be an excellend MP and I urge you to give him your support.

Andy Sawford

Former Member of Parliament for Corby

Vote for Mick Scrimshaw on the 8th June 2017 to save our NHS. We owe a debt of gratitude to our NHS staff. The Labour Party founded the NHS, and it is only Labour that will save it.

Glenda Weston

Retired Nurse

Working for Kettering…

I have never considered myself a “professional politician”, more a community volunteer, although I’m currently a County Councillor and the leader of the Labour Councillors on Kettering Borough Council. Nevertheless, MPs have a huge amount of influence and there are some very real local issues that would benefit from this influence.

  • Kettering General Hospital has just been rated as “inadequate” and gone into special measures.
  • Local unemployment is still too high, and the jobs we have are often too low paid and require on zero-hours contracts.
  • We have a huge housing problem, with people unable to afford high house prices, and we have a growing problem of homelessness with the local council unable to meet demand.

If elected I have no intention of behaving as if I’m in a school debating society. My job would be first and foremost to help and support local people. I believe that a good constituency MP should be working in and around their local community.

I do not underestimate the challenge of winning in Kettering, but I have a record of putting aside party politics for the benefit of local people, and although I understand that people cast their votes for a number of different reasons, I hope that those who normally vote for other parties would at least consider supporting me as a real alternative for Kettering.

Better for Kettering…

Better support for local people

If elected, I will open a fully staffed constituency office straight away to ensure residents are listened to, given the support that they need and any complaints are handled properly.

Better investment

Kettering is in a fantastic central location – it’s on the A14,close to the M1 and A1, and on one of the busiest railway lines in the country. More can be done to exploit this to our economic advantage. If elected I will work closely with the Local Enterprise Partnership to bring in extra investment.

Better town centres

Kettering’s town centre and those of the A6 towns all need revitalising! I have for a long time called for improvements, and if elected would work with local businesses to make sure that their voices are heard in our local Councils as well as in Parliament.

Better swimming and leisure facilities

I have been fighting for better local sporting facilities for many years, and I was the driving force behind Kettering Council’s recent agreement to look seriously into the viability of a new swimming pool.

I have also consistently supported the efforts of all those involved in the campaign to bring Kettering Town Football Club back where it rightfully belongs.

Better roads

The roads around the constituency are in a terrible state of repair and the County Council clearly cannot cope. The recent announcement of an extra million pounds from government for this is welcome, but it goes hardly anywhere to addressing the current backlog of repairs which are estimated at needing between £300 million and £400 million. Raising this with Government is a priority, and I will work with anyone and everyone to ensure that we get a fairer deal.

Mick’s Stance On…

(Please keep checking back, posts will be added to this section regularly in the run up to the election.)


Mick Scrimshaw on Land Value Tax

Labour are suggesting that there needs to be a review of Council Tax. This is due to the current system being based on property values from about 30 years ago and that therefore produces many anomalies. For example - lower value properties (i.e. most in the Kettering...

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Mick Scrimshaw on Homelessness and Housing

Homelessness is a growing problem nationally and that is true nowhere more than in Kettering with the monthly figures increasing every month. The increase is caused by a number of things but in particular Government policies in welfare cuts. These have seen not only...

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Mick Scrimshaw on Kettering General Hospital

Kettering General Hospital has recently been put into special measures, and it is also reportedly £25m in the red. If things couldn’t get much worse this week BBC Look East have reported that there may have been a deliberate attempt to manipulate waiting time figures...

read more

Mick Scrimshaw on Infrastructure Investment

In a previous blog I commented on how a Labour Government would invest in the country’s infrastructure to grow our national economy. Using government spending in a way that stimulates economic growth can be a sensible thing to do. Firstly it can in itself create jobs,...

read more

Mick Scrimshaw on Animal Welfare

I have had dozens of emails from residents asking about my views on various animal welfare issues so have prepared this response which I hope will go some way to show I have sympathy to the various views and questions people are raising. I’m certainly more than happy...

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Mick Scrimshaw on Dignity for the Elderly

The NHS and our social security system should be there for all of us in our time of need and provide security and dignity in retirement. Labour will always be on the side of pensioners and help ensure security and dignity for older people. As a County Councillor I am...

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Mick Scrimshaw on Public Finances

As many people know I have always argued for a sensible approach to public finances, and at both the County and Borough Councils I have always put forward costed budget alternatives based on imaginative but prudent financial planning as well as calling for a more...

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Mick Scrimshaw on Social Care

I am baffled by the Conservative’s manifesto pledge on Social Care. Currently if you need social care and have more than £23,000 in the bank you will need to pay for it yourself - but the amount you pay is capped at a maximum of £72,000. Crucially, unless you need to...

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Mick Scrimshaw: Where I stand on Brexit

Several people have asked my views about Brexit. It is well known that I voted to remain mainly because I was concerned about any economic ramifications of the decision. This remains my main focus, but more than anything I am a democrat. The decision to leave the EU...

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Mick’s work standing up for Kettering:

Pedestrianised area of Kettering Town Centre

Following concerns raised to me by a retailer in the paved pedestrianised zone and a resident who slipped and fell when the paving stones were slippery following a recent downpour, I have been in discussion with Kettering Borough Council about the pedestrianised area...

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Update on Parking Enforcement

At last night’s Full Council I asked about the negotiations between Kettering Borough Council and the County Council over decriminalisation of parking because until the new system is brought in where wardens will be able to patrol and enforce illegal parking, problem...

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Meet Rosie the Road Repairs Duck

Rosie is a campaigning rubber duck who is calling for the pot holes and road defects of Northamptonshire to be repaired! She will have her photograph taken in pot holes whenever she comes across a problem and make a report to Northamptonshire County Council’s Highways...

read more

Council launches “This is Kettering” website

Kettering borough council have launched the all-new This is Kettering website, designed to provide visitors and residents alike with information on upcoming events, things to do and places to eat, drink and shop in the heart of North Northamptonshire. This does not...

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Cuts to the Fire Service have already gone too far!

Northamptonshire’s Chief Fire Officer addressed the County Council this week and stated that out of the thirteen similar sized fire services they compare themselves with, Northamptonshire has the lowest number of fire engines per station and that the service has...

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