Mick Scrimshaw is standing to be re-elected to Northamptonshire County Council to represent the Northall Division

Mick is your Labour Party Candidate for Northall Division

I am Mick Scrimshaw, the current local County Councillor for the Northall Division in Kettering and Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Member for Finance.

I am 54 years old and have lived locally in the Division for over twenty years with my wife Shona and two daughters. I spent over 25 years working in the retail sector and currently run an internet business, but have always been extremely active within the community having previously served as a school governor and worked with various community groups including being the chairman of Kettering’s Shopmobility scheme for many years, as well as also having been the deputy president of Kettering’s Chamber of Trade.

Currently I am a trustee of two local charities. KCU, a local charity that provides education and support for the unemployed, and Accommodation Concern who offer housing advice. I have previous local government experience. I am a local Borough Councillor and the Leader of the Labour Group on Kettering Borough Council. I have been a member of Kettering’s Town Forum (which is a group of Borough and County Councillors, local organisations and community groups) since its foundation in 1999.

I believe passionately that local councillors should be accountable to local residents and have a strong track record of being available to residents to help with their individual problems. I use social media and other means to keep local people up to date with local issues and what I am doing to represent them.

Labour is campaigning hard to make Northamptonshire a better place to live and work. At a time when many people are suffering greatly because of cuts implemented by the Tory Government and Tory County Council, Labour is working to make our area better.

Our pledges to you:

  • Labour will rebuild Adult Social Care Services.
  • Labour will improve our pavements and roads.
  • Labour will improve our failing Children’s Services.
  • Labour will help and support local businesses.
  • Labour will put people at the heart of decision-making.

Mick on Social Media:

Mick’s e-mail address is mick@ketteringlabourparty.org

See what Mick has been doing:

Mick Scrimshaw on Infrastructure Investment

In a previous blog I commented on how a Labour Government would invest in the country’s infrastructure to grow our national economy. Using government spending in a way that stimulates economic growth can be a sensible thing to do. Firstly it can in itself create...

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Mick Scrimshaw on Animal Welfare

I have had dozens of emails from residents asking about my views on various animal welfare issues so have prepared this response which I hope will go some way to show I have sympathy to the various views and questions people are raising. I’m certainly more than happy...

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Mick Scrimshaw on Dignity for the Elderly

The NHS and our social security system should be there for all of us in our time of need and provide security and dignity in retirement. Labour will always be on the side of pensioners and help ensure security and dignity for older people. As a County Councillor I am...

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Mick Scrimshaw on Public Finances

As many people know I have always argued for a sensible approach to public finances, and at both the County and Borough Councils I have always put forward costed budget alternatives based on imaginative but prudent financial planning as well as calling for a more...

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Mick Scrimshaw on Social Care

I am baffled by the Conservative’s manifesto pledge on Social Care. Currently if you need social care and have more than £23,000 in the bank you will need to pay for it yourself - but the amount you pay is capped at a maximum of £72,000. Crucially,...

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Mick Scrimshaw hosts street stall in Kettering

Mick Scrimshaw, Labour Parliamentary Candidate, was out and about in Kettering town centre, dodging the rain, on Saturday morning with the Kettering Labour team. Mick chatted with members of the public, listening to their concerns and sharing Labour's plans for the...

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Mick Scrimshaw: Where I stand on Brexit

Several people have asked my views about Brexit. It is well known that I voted to remain mainly because I was concerned about any economic ramifications of the decision. This remains my main focus, but more than anything I am a democrat. The decision to leave the EU...

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Update on Parking Enforcement

At last night’s Full Council I asked about the negotiations between Kettering Borough Council and the County Council over decriminalisation of parking because until the new system is brought in where wardens will be able to patrol and enforce illegal parking,...

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Footpath in a dangerous condition on Ford Street

As part of my social media campaign to highlight road and footpath repairs I visited Ford Street this morning to view the dangerous condition of the pavement #RosieRoadRepairs. About a year ago I was contacted by the Highways Department and told they had some money in...

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Meet Rosie the Road Repairs Duck

Rosie is a campaigning rubber duck who is calling for the pot holes and road defects of Northamptonshire to be repaired! She will have her photograph taken in pot holes whenever she comes across a problem and make a report to Northamptonshire County Council’s Highways...

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