Mick Scrimshaw is standing to be re-elected to Northamptonshire County Council to represent the Northall Division

Mick is your Labour Party Candidate for Northall Division

I am Mick Scrimshaw, the current local County Councillor for the Northall Division in Kettering and Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Member for Finance.

I am 54 years old and have lived locally in the Division for over twenty years with my wife Shona and two daughters. I spent over 25 years working in the retail sector and currently run an internet business, but have always been extremely active within the community having previously served as a school governor and worked with various community groups including being the chairman of Kettering’s Shopmobility scheme for many years, as well as also having been the deputy president of Kettering’s Chamber of Trade.

Currently I am a trustee of two local charities. KCU, a local charity that provides education and support for the unemployed, and Accommodation Concern who offer housing advice. I have previous local government experience. I am a local Borough Councillor and the Leader of the Labour Group on Kettering Borough Council. I have been a member of Kettering’s Town Forum (which is a group of Borough and County Councillors, local organisations and community groups) since its foundation in 1999.

I believe passionately that local councillors should be accountable to local residents and have a strong track record of being available to residents to help with their individual problems. I use social media and other means to keep local people up to date with local issues and what I am doing to represent them.

Labour is campaigning hard to make Northamptonshire a better place to live and work. At a time when many people are suffering greatly because of cuts implemented by the Tory Government and Tory County Council, Labour is working to make our area better.

Our pledges to you:

  • Labour will rebuild Adult Social Care Services.
  • Labour will improve our pavements and roads.
  • Labour will improve our failing Children’s Services.
  • Labour will help and support local businesses.
  • Labour will put people at the heart of decision-making.

Mick on Social Media:

Mick’s e-mail address is mick@ketteringlabourparty.org

See what Mick has been doing:

New Policing Models

Kettering’s Town Forum was given a briefing by the local Police Inspector this week about how policing will change in Kettering. These changes are being forced on the police primarily by budget cuts, but also from a need to adapt to different forms of...

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Kettering nursing home to close

According to press reports a Kettering Nursing home is about to close because it’s not financially viable to run. I met with the manager a year or so ago as they had written to me with their concerns about the County Council budget. Their complaint was that the...

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New dropped kerbs installed along London Road

I’m pleased to announce the new dropped kerbs on London Road at the junction with St. Peter’s Avenue have now been completed. This now allows wheelchair and motorised scooter users to travel straight along the road. It was over six months ago that I was...

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Message from Mick Scrimshaw

Obviously I’m disappointed about the election result because I would have loved to have served the people of Kettering Constituency as their MP, but the truth is I always knew what a huge challenge it would be to win and I am delighted to have increased the Labour...

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Mick Scrimshaw on Land Value Tax

Labour are suggesting that there needs to be a review of Council Tax. This is due to the current system being based on property values from about 30 years ago and that therefore produces many anomalies. For example - lower value properties (i.e. most in the Kettering...

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Mick Scrimshaw on Homelessness and Housing

Homelessness is a growing problem nationally and that is true nowhere more than in Kettering with the monthly figures increasing every month. The increase is caused by a number of things but in particular Government policies in welfare cuts. These have seen not only...

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