Maggie Don is standing to be elected to Northamptonshire County Council to represent the Wicksteed Division

Maggie is your Labour Party & Co-Operative Party Candidate for Wicksteed Division

My name is Maggie Don and I have lived in Kettering for over 30 years, with my 4 now grown up children.

I have been a member of the Labour Party and Co-Operative parties most of my adult life. Prior to retirement I was the co-ordinator for KCU for almost 30 years and still work in the charity shop and serve as a trustee.

I have represented Wicksteed & St. Michael’s Ward as a Borough Councillor since 2011 and hold regular street surgeries and deliver annual newsletters across the whole Ward.

Labour is campaigning hard to make Northamptonshire a better place to live and work. At a time when many people are suffering greatly because of cuts implemented by the Tory Government and Tory County Council, Labour is working to make our area better.

Our pledges to you:

  • Labour will rebuild Adult Social Care Services.
  • Labour will improve our pavements and roads.
  • Labour will improve our failing Children’s Services.
  • Labour will help and support local businesses.
  • Labour will put people at the heart of decision-making.

Maggie on Social Media:

Maggie’s e-mail address is

See what Maggie has been doing:

15 more Tory Promises Theresa May might drop…

Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, has taken a look at 15 of the Tory Promises that Theresa May might use the upcoming General Election to wriggle out of. After all, as Tom says, "Many of the promises that won David Cameron the 2015 election have since...

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Midland Mainline improvement/disruption update

This is the latest update to the essential work to improve the Midland Mainline railway. This work is continuing, and this work will significantly increase the capacity and improve journey times on the line, alongside electrification of the line. My original blog post...

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Claim back your parking when you give blood!

After a year it seems that still nobody knows that blood donors at Kettering’s Corn Market Hall can claim their parking fees back! Just over a year ago I moved a motion at Kettering Council calling for them to refund the cost of parking for blood donors using the...

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Council brings innovative rain garden to Kettering

Kettering Borough Council has brought an innovative environmental feature to the borough, as part of work to transform a grassed area into a new car park. The installation of a rain garden on Northumberland Road is a new venture; it functions as a flood prevention...

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Green spaces in Wicksteed & St. Michael’s

Some of the residents of Bishops Drive & Slade Crescent were upset that having spent a few back-breaking hours planting daffodil bulbs supplied by KBC in the green crescent, a few other residents still seemed to want to use the space as a car park. KBC then...

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Success for Carina Road Bus Stop

Following on from my blog post last November about a dilapidated bus stop next to Tesco on Carina Road in Kettering, I'm pleased to report that as of July 2015, Tesco replaced it with a fresh new...

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Cleanup for abandoned property

It has been a very long slow legal process to get a private abandoned property on one of the main roads in Wicksteed & St. Michael's ward cleaned up. Obviously, when a site gets into this sort of state, it becomes a target for anti social behaviour, and vandalism,...

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New footpath for Pytchley Road

Really great news for the residents of Pytchley Road, who have been living with a very dangerous & uneven footpath in front of their homes, for a very long time. At long last the flag stones have been removed and replaced with a nice new tarmac level surface. This...

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Small Victories

Sometimes it's the little things that make your day... Mr. & Mrs. Patel who run Hawthorne Stores & their neighbours are delighted to be rid of the ancient rotten monument of a bin on the corner of their street, which has now been replaced by a nice new metal...

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Blot on the landscape of Wicksteed & St. Michaels Ward

Is this bus stop the worst in Kettering? This bus stop was put up when the Tesco superstore was built many years ago on Carina Way, it has many panels missing, is covered in graffiti and provides no shelter for it's users, who feel uncomfortable using it as it's grimy...

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Headlands Road Surface

When I was first elected in May 2011 to be the only Labour Councillor for Wicksteed & St. Micheals the two main issues were potholes & parking problems. I am pleased to say that potholes are hardly ever raised by residents now, and most of the parking issues...

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