County Council Elections 2017

Help to give us a bigger voice to stand up for Kettering & for YOU…

If you already have a local Labour Councillor representing you on the County or Borough Councils you’re probably aware of how hard they work for the local communities that they represent.

On the 4th May we go to the polls and we are fighting for all EIGHT seats that represent Kettering on Northamptonshire County Council, and TWO By-Elections for Kettering Borough Council.

If you already have a Labour Councillor we ask you to vote for us to help us continue the hard work that we are doing.

If you haven’t currently got a Labour Councillor we ask you to see the hard work that we do for Kettering and Northamptonshire, review our Manifesto, and help us to return Kettering Councillors to represent you.

On this site you can find out more about Kettering Labour, our Candidates for the upcoming elections, our policies and the extremely hard work that our existing Councillors already do stand up for residents of Kettering.

We have hundreds of articles and posts from the past few years here on the website. They stand as a public record of the work we do representing Kettering with the Councillors that we currently have.

Imagine what we could do with a bigger voice, and more Councillors?

Because more votes means more Councillors, and more Councillors means that we have a bigger voice to stand up for Kettering – and to stand up for you.

Meet your County Council Candidates…

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Burton & Broughton

Clover Hill



Rothwell & Mawsley


Meet your Borough Council Candidates…

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Burton Latimer

St Peter’s

The normal elections to Kettering Borough Council are scheduled to take place in 2019. These two seats have become vacant though and we are looking to get a bigger voice on the Borough Council by contesting them on May 4th, 2017.

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