Desborough Labour Party sets out plan for Town Council


Following the resignation of 10 members of the Town Council, members of Desborough Labour Party have agreed a 5-point plan setting out their immediate priorities for the future of the town.

The Chair of Desborough Labour Party, Mike Payne, said: “Desborough Town Council was Labour controlled for 25 years (1978 – 2003) and we have had a proud record of serving the town. Since 2003, the Town Council has been Conservative controlled. In 2015 no Labour candidates were elected! Since that date, the Town Council has fallen into disrepute with huge increases in local taxes, a vote of no confidence and now mass resignations. Sadly, the Town Council has lost the support and goodwill of local residents and I believe it is important for Desborough people to know where the Labour Party stands.

A 5-point plan has been agreed as a starting point for what we hope will be a healing process:

  1. Steps should be taken to ensure that the 10 vacancies on the Town Council are filled at the earliest opportunity.
  2. All non-committed expenditure should be frozen with immediate effect.
  3. As soon as practicable the Town Council should conduct a full review of all committed expenditure to establish exactly how much has been spent, how much is in balances and what contracts have been entered into.
  4. Steps should be taken as soon as possible to bring the Parish Precept into line with that of other similar, local town councils.
  5. Kettering Borough Council should be invited to conduct an investigation into claims of bullying and harassment which have led to the recent resignations.”

Mr Payne concluded: “We believe that every effort should be made to ensure that there is openness, transparency and full financial disclosure relating to all Town Council matters in the future, in order to re-establish the reputation of the Council.

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